Polaroid Eyewear wanted to create new and engaging multi-channel content, to shift the perception of the brand, broaden the target group and increase sales.
We teamed up with the Swedish artist and entertainer Måns Zelmerlöw and influencer Calle Schulman for an out of the ordinary collaboration, turning on the concept for how to do Influencer marketing. Together we created a threefold mockumentary where the target group was invited to join Måns behind the scenes of the collaboration, to discover that he does everything in his power to keep his love for Polaroid his own secret.

The videos were distributed through social and traditional media with special material, originated from the campaign, for in-store and client communication.

With the videos of Måns not sharing his secret, we managed to challenge the target groups perception of the brand by being transparent and engaging. Building on a current conversation about the credibility of regular influencer collaborations, while inviting the viewer into the world of Polaroid Eyewear, making Måns’s secret everybody’s secret.